THE VILLAGE ARTISANS GALLERY offers a diverse & unique selection of fine craft ranging from antique reproductions to contemporary jewelry. We specialize in bringing you the work of craft artists who take pride in the quality and individuality of their work. The gallery features the work of Pennsylvania artists, many of them from the local area. 

Below you will find a cross section of the different mediums and variety of styles that may be found in the gallery. There are one of a kind pieces, others are available in limited quantities and still others are usually available.  You are invited to visit our gallery in person and see all of the work first hand.  




Gay Foltz  
Nationally recognized as one of the more accomplished folk-art carvers in Pennsylvania, Gay Foltz has been creating her imaginative wood carvings since 1983. To view a selection of her work please click here: Gay Foltz.



Our wood craftspeople produce a wide variety of wood products ranging from delicately turned wood bowls and vases, whimsical folk art carvings, sculptured duck, shorebird and fish decoys, beautifully crafted jewelry boxes and cutting boards to authentically reproduced Shaker boxes, painted Colonial boxes and small wall cabinets.



 Jewelry Chest in cherry
       by Eric Weaver
           Angel Fish
       by Bob Williams
                        Brown Trout
                      by Bob Williams
 Folk Art Fish & Bird Decoys
          by Bob Triplett


            Pintail Duck Decoy 
              by Dean Fowler 
            Segmented bowl
             by Brian wood
Stained Curly Maple
    Shaker boxes
   by Steve Strouse
     "Reuben Yoder"
   grainpainted boxes

mirror, tray, by Jim K


Glass can be found in many different forms including blown, stained, lampworked or torched, slumped and fused glass.


                  Two Kyoto Lanterns                              Blown Glass Pumpkins                                         Blown glass bowl
         by Melanie Leppla, glass blower                    by C&H Glassworks                                             by Mike Pelusso

                    Blown glass
               by Art of Fire Studio


Our clay craftspeople create in a variety of clays, glazes and firing methods.  They produce functional as well a decorative pottery such as high fire stoneware dinnerware, salt glazed pots, PA Dutch red ware, porcelain vases and bowls, Raku pots, slip trailed porcelain ornaments, decorative tiles and whimsical sculptures.
                                                     Willow Creek Pottery                                                                  Raku pots & cat
          Large teapot & tea bowls                  Berry bowl in Apple Green/Blue                         by Jenny Cruz
                 in Persian glaze                            Frost glaze available in 3 sizes             
                Ash glazed vases by Frank Stofan
    Traditional patterns                Venetian pattern
 Stoneware utensil holder
        by Steve Keaton
                          Raku pots
Jenny Cruz
        Miniature clay sculptures                                                Carousel Horse                                         Pottery                          
                by Dianne Fox                                                        by Patty Marshall                            by Cynthia Hardwicke
                            Clay Tiles                                             Pottery
                          by Lisa  Muller                                   by Pat Meyers                                                                             



The Pennsylvania Dutch are known for their paper cutting or scherenschnitte and fraktur expertise.  We carry the work of several of these artists, both as original work and reproduction cards.  We also have cards whose image is printed using leaves and other plant material.
      "Squirrels in a Leaf Pile"
      greeting card illustration
            by Cheryl Kugler
 "Cumberland Valley Winter"              Calligraphy & Bookbinding
      Giclee print note card                                by Jill Lichty
       by Charles Clevenger

   Paper Cutting                           An example of  note cards
  Clare Margaret
                                 by Judy Orcutt       



A variety of metals are used to create the functional as well as sculptural work on display.  There are stainless steel, copper and brass wall and plant sculptures, copper and brass garden ornaments and magic wands, wrought iron kitchen tools and candle holders, pewter leaf bowls and Christmas ornaments.   

copper_fish.jpg (37495 bytes)                       
  Small All-Steel            Copper and brass                 "Iris"                "Ah...Spring"                "Spring Run Off "
  "Sails" Abstract                              by Trudi Gilliam, Metal Sculptor                                    by Trudi Gilliam
  by Ron Stinson
 24W x 36H x 6D   


  High Wheel Bike      "Play in a Round"                             Wrought iron Judaica 
                                 kinetic sculpture                               by Steven Bronstein                                           
                   by Larry Shull                    


   An assortment of wrought iron              "Daffodils"                    "Waterlily"           
            kitchen utensils                                Copper sculpture by David R. Guy           
        by Pequea Valley Forge                 

      Triple Cross                                      Nativity                                        
made from square nails                 made from square nails                                                
                            by Travis Burford
   Steampunk Clock                Book            Steampunk Clock 
      by Erin Keck               by Erin Keck         by Erin Keck



Art to wear is an apt description of the clothing and accessories created by our fiber artists. Hand painted jackets and tops and handwoven jackets and shawlcoats as well as reincarnated sweatshirts that have become stylish jackets will add a distinctive touch to your wardrobe.  Accessorize them with hand painted silk and hand woven chenille scarves or shoulder shawls. One of a kind fabric purses in delicious colors and original design will catch your eye. Our latest fiber addition is a line of hand woven recycled rag rugs in traditional and contemporary colors and design.  

fiber_stephens.jpg (31629 bytes)  
    Portrait Collar
 Sweatshirt Jacket
 by Nancy Crochet
   Hand painted
   by Candace
quilt by Margaret Lutzke
Fringed Tencel
  ponchos by
Hand-woven scatter       Fabric purses designed &            Flair Scarf
             Gay McGeary
        rugs by               created by Linda J. Wenger       by Amber Kane 
     Traditional Coverlet
  Rebecca Francis
         Quilted Purses
                                       Needle Felting                        Silk Scarves
       by Leslie Bowman                                by Bonnie T. Shaw
                 by Robin Lathroum
                                                                                                                    Fiber Artist



Our jewelry designers combine dichroic, stained and lampwork glass, semi-precious stones and pearls, porcelain, PMC and polymer clays with sterling silver, copper and other metals to create jewelry that ranges from elegantly simple to wonderfully whimsical. 

   Sterling Silver
   chain & Lapis
    Lazuli bead
    necklace by
 Margery Erickson
Sterling Silver earrings by Reflections in Silver   Slag Pendant    Copper wire &       Copper & Lapis
                            silver jewelry              earrings
                          by Joan Rhodes


                                   Necklaces                                         Copper Enameled Jewelry
               by Donna Damgaard, Jewelry designer                       by Jean Van Brederode 


                       Porcelain clay jewelry in the millefiore technique                PMC (fine silver) hollow form
                                by Tim Garvin of Blue Bus Studio                                         bead jewelry
                                                                                                                    by Wendy Shuster

                    Pearl & Crystal Necklaces                Ethereal Muse Jewelry   Silver & Stone Jewelry
                         by Jeanine Saylor                           by Michelle Kurtz          by Martha Smith


                     Bracelet                         Lampwork Bead & Sterling Silver bracelet & earrings
                  by B H Brody                                            by Sharon Carlucci
         Copper Enameling                         Chain Maille Jewelry
by Jean Van Brederode                 by Leslie S. Halaby-Moore

                                              Metalledwith Jewelry         
                                               by Richelle Dourte            

               Salmon Fly:
   Prince of the Boyne
  by Tim Trexler
     Animal rock paintings
      by Margaret Leaman
   "Gertrude" Witch        "Winifred"           "Gifts From Santa"  "Father Christmas 2"  "Father Christmas 3"
                                                             by Diane Troutman

          Jan Urey
Broken Treasure Mosaics

   Mike Sgrignoli, the author and his son Ethan, the illustrator of
   "Dinorific Poetry" collaborated on this ten poem labor-of-love
   book intended to educate, captivate and have you appreciate
   the wonder of dinosaurs.


   Among the books written by Douglas Gibboney are
   "Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg", a what-if story of the battle,
   "Murder at Cleaver Stadium", a titillating mystery
   and the self explanatory "Scandals of the Civil War".


  "Tragic Glory" is another book by Douglas Gibboney.


                    "Every time I come to visit family I have to stop in"  - Customer from California

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